The first phase of 'Super village challenge' (SVC) was a first of its kind initiative in the country that aimed at using a competitive framework to encourage village sarpanches towards achieving a diverse range of development parameters (10+) that are critical for driving improvements in ODF sustainability, education, women empowerment, skill development and innovation at village level. Each parameter had its respective targets and successful achievement of these used to generate points for the village. At the end of the competition, the top performing villages at district and block level were rewarded and a leadership dashboard reflecting the performance of participating villages was maintained by the district administration throughout this competition.


A scientific scoring mechanism had been designed to facilitate the competition. For every parameter achieved, the village sarpanch needed to make a ‘self-declaration’ and every self-declaration was followed by an internal verification (by the concerned district department). In case, the verification was found fit for the parameter, the village was awarded the corresponding points. Given that ‘self-declaration’ and verification for other parameters was a continuous process, a dynamic portal had been conceptualized by the district administration to facilitate this in a smooth manner. The portal generated leadership rankings which were eventually based on cumulative points scored by the villages at a given point of time.


As the competition had a diverse range of parameters that cut across different departments, each parameter had been mapped to a particular ‘department champion’. For every ‘self-declaration’ submitted on a parameter by a sarpanch the corresponding ‘department champion’ was notified via SMS and a verification was scheduled within the next 15 days. Once the verification was completed, the final verdict on the success/failure on the parameter was submitted. For every successful verification recorded, the portal generated points for villages and reflections were reflected on the leadership dashboard and since declarations and verifications kept on happening for different parameters and villages, the leadership rankings fluctuated throughout the competition.

Monitoring Parameters